Privacy Policy (GDPR)

A. About us

We are a company engaged in the development of real estate applications and operation of real estate websites,,, owned by Kamil Kolakowski, IČ: 655 01 969, DIČ CZ7711115093, with its registered office in 1. Máje 38, Olomouc 2, 772 00 Olomouc. In the following text, we will act as the administrator or also the administrator of personal data.

B. Person authorized to protect personal data

So far, no person has been authorized by the owner to protect personal data, for any information regarding the protection of personal data, contact us at

C. Data that we process

We only process personal data that you provide to us in connection with the use of our services (eg in the interest of real estate, development project, or sale of real estate, etc.), when concluding a contract for the use of this service. In particular, this is the information you provide to us:
  1. first and last name
  2. contact address
  3. email address
  4. < li>
  5. password (in encrypted form)
  6. Additional optional profile information
  7. then the data network character like. IP address or cookies. The We use algorithms on our website to help us obtain your approximate location so that we can preferentially offer properties from this location.

    D. What we use your personal information

    1. to administer your account
    2. to properly target advertising and advertising
    3. to send business messages

    E. Access to your personal data

    Your data is very carefully protected by us. We do not provide your personal data to third parties. Your contact details are accessible only on the websites of the personal data administrator and only for individual of your advertisements, as you entered them when adding an advertisement or when registering a user.

    F. Access to your data in specific circumstances

    Under certain conditions, we are obliged to transfer some of your personal data in accordance with applicable law eg the Police of the Czech Republic, or other bodies active in criminal proceedings, including specialized units (ÚOOZ, Customs Administration, etc.) and other public administration bodies.

    G. Cookies

    Cookies are small data files, thanks to which the visited websites remember the actions and settings of individual users who performed on them, so that this data does not have to be entered repeatedly. Cookies are stored on individual computers using a web browser. Cookies do not pose a danger, they do not serve to obtain any sensitive personal data, but they are important for the protection of privacy. We do not use cookies to identify users of the website or to misuse login details. For example, cookies allow us to recognize a user as an existing user (eg when logging in to his email account) or to adapt the service to user preferences (location, type of property, etc.). We also use cookies to display targeted online advertising on the web pages of the administrator and others, more simply to display only such advertising that is relevant to a particular user, without being bothered by advertising that does not interest him. Third party cookies (eg Google Analytics). These cookies are controlled by third parties and we do not have access to read or write this data. Each user has the option to refuse the use of cookies. However, some services may not work properly. If you have cookies enabled in your browser, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies by the administrator's website. The use of cookies can be blocked here .

    H. The period for which we store personal data

    We will process your data for the entire period of using our services and subsequently on the basis of your consent for another 10 years. You can revoke your consent to the processing of personal data before this time here. Please note that after revoking your consent to the processing of personal data, your personal data will be deleted within 12 months.

    I. When can we process your data without your consent

    1. when providing the service (fulfillment of the contract concluded between you and us, where the contract also represents the actual use of a certain service without the need whatever to sign);
    2. fulfillment of legal obligations arising for us from generally binding legal regulations; or
    3. Processing that is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests (eg marketing, ensuring the security of our sites).

    Possibility and legality of processing

    The possibility and legality of processing follows directly from the valid legal regulations and your consent to this processing is not required.

    On the basis of which we process your personal data

    As already mentioned, we may process your personal data both on the basis of your consent, but also, for example, on the basis of our legitimate interest (especially processing for direct marketing) or for the fulfillment of the contract concluded between us, to the extent of personal data that are necessary for such fulfillment. Last but not least, it is a reason that allows us to process your personal data without your consent, fulfilling the obligations arising for us from the law. For what specific purposes we perform individual processing of your personal data, we list above.

    J. Methods of securing personal information

    All personal information you provide to us is secured by standard procedures and technologies. However, it is not objectively possible to completely guarantee the security of your personal data. Therefore, it is not even possible to 100 % ensure that the personal data provided cannot be accessed, copied, published, altered or destroyed by breaching our security measures. In this context, we assure you that we regularly check the system for vulnerabilities and have not been attacked and use such security measures, to prevent, if possible, unauthorized access to your personal data and which provide sufficient security in view of the current state of technology. The security measures taken are then regularly updated. In order to better secure your personal data, access to this data is password protected and sensitive data is encrypted when transmitted between your browser and our website. However, without your help and responsible behavior, we are not able to fully ensure the security of your data. Therefore, help us ensure the security of your data by keeping your unique passwords and other access data to our services confidential and by adhering to basic security principles.

    K. How and when can you revoke your consent to the processing of personal data?

    You can revoke your voluntary consent to the processing of personal data at any time free of charge, by sending an e-mail to: . Withdrawal of consent does not affect the possibility to continue processing your personal data on the basis of your consent, which was given before its revocation. Withdrawal of consent also does not affect the processing of personal data that we process on a legal basis other than consent (ie especially if the processing is necessary to fulfill the contract, legal obligation or for other reasons specified in applicable law). If we receive your request in the sense of the previous paragraph, we will inform you of the measures taken no later than one month from the receipt of the request. This period may be extended by a further two months if necessary and taking into account the complexity and number of applications. In this context, please note that in certain cases stipulated by valid legal regulations (eg the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, - GDPR) we are not obliged to comply with your request in whole or in part. This will be the case in particular if your request is manifestly unfounded or disproportionate, in particular if it is repeated or if it is not clear from its content what its subject matter is. In such cases, we may (i) impose on you a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs associated with providing the requested information or communication or taking the required action, or (ii) refusing to comply with the request. If we receive your request but have reasonable doubts about your identity, we may ask you to provide additional information necessary to confirm your identity.

    L. Non-disclosure of personal data

    You provide your personal data voluntarily (for some services, however, the transfer of certain personal data is required to make the service available, ie if you do not provide it to us, you will not be allowed to use this service). The processing of your personal data, often only in an anonymised form, without us being able to identify you as a specific user at all, allows us to provide our services free of charge and to constantly improve them and develop new services. If you do not give us your consent, or If you revoke it later, it may happen that we will no longer be able to provide you with some of our services free of charge, or that we will not be able to provide them to you in full or in quality. Of course, it is not your responsibility to use our free services.

    M. Your rights in relation to the protection of personal data

    In relation to your personal data, you have in particular the following rights:
    1. the right to withdraw your consent at any time
    2. the right to correct or supplement personal data
    3. the right to request processing restrictions
    4. the right to object or process a complaint in certain cases < / li>
    5. the right to request the transfer of data
    6. the right to access personal data
    7. the right to be informed of personal data breaches in certain cases
    8. the right to deletion of personal data in certain cases
    9. other rights stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act and in the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection no.2016/679 after its entry into force.

    N. What does it mean that you have the right to object?

    If you no longer like receiving a business message or other similar information from us from time to time, you have the opportunity to object to the further processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If you do so, we will no longer process your data for this purpose and we will no longer send you further business communications. More detailed information on this right is contained in particular in Article 21 of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data No. 2016/679.

    O. Contact information for privacy

    In case of any question about personal data protection or revocation of consent to further processing of your personal data, please contact us or in writing at: Kamil Kolakowski , 1. Máje 38, Olomouc 772 00. In this context, we would like to inform you that we may want you to prove your identity to us in an appropriate manner so that we can verify your identity. This is a precautionary security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. In order to increase the quality of services and keep records of the fulfillment of our obligations under the law, all communication with you is monitored.